Tucked Away in Surry Hills, Sydney, Vicki Lee Gallery debuts Lee’s oeuvre of work as a solo artist along with her acclaimed collaborative work with partner Ted O'Donnell. 

Vicki Lee Gallery recognises the power of a place beyond the physical; a sensory experience unveiled at scale, leaving the viewer in awe of the passion and the sensory intent of the artist. 

“I wanted to create a space where I could take people on a sensory journey - in real time, in real life. There is only so much you can experience online; the smell, touch and taste senses are all limited. The Vicki Lee Gallery will be a space where I can experiment and expand on Visual Art, creating a truly unique experience. A sensory overload.” says Vicki Lee, Artist. 

The ground level exhibits Lee’s solo work, where mirrored perspex is layered with acrylic, resin, and oils, resulting in electrifying works, each different from the last. 

Below ground level is the exploration of Lee and O’Donnell’s love story, narrated through vibrant and large-scale floral works.